• Dilara B.

From Personal Experience with Microblading

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Microblading is an excellent solution for individuals with light/thin eyebrows. Applying makeup on my sheer eyebrows was a part of my daily routine for years until I tried Microblading. I found out about semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo existence way before I started performing the procedure on others and I decided to give it a try. The results were amazing! Being absolutely honest you don’t need eyebrow make up on the daily bases after the touch up session (4-6 weeks from the first procedure). I personally use eyebrow makeup products only when I feel like having some ‘extra’ defined eyebrows while microbladed eyebrows generally have natural look. If you are the one who prefers more dramatic look without any make I'd suggest PMU (ombe/powder brows) or a combination of microblading and Shading instead of just microblading.

Generally wearing NO eyebrow makeup during the summer (hot weather generally speaking) is total life saver because when you sweat and your regular makeup smudges and looks pretty horrible. What could be better than your eyebrows looking evenly great when you wake up in the morning, getting out of the shower, enjoying your beach vacation or having a crazy night out.


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